Tailored Union

California has some really impressive sock brands! STANCE, Strollegant, Richer Poorer come to mind. Enter: Tailored Union. This emerging sock brand offers premium combed cotton blends inspired by few local creative artists who are entrepreneurs. Multi faceted athletes and a fashion illustrator curated to provide a product that reflects their personality and yet the designs are approachable.

The use of Italian knitting machines produces a thinner width to these socks that come in a variety of colors and classic ( and not so classic ) styles. I like the 2 tone colorway and the chunky horizontal stripes the most. The heel cushioning is comfy not bulky against the shoe. The handlinked toe is much appreciated. What do I mean? Handlinked toe socks is a technique when the toe is stitched by a hand guided system as oppose to a machine knit. The seam around the toe is thinner versus a chunkier toe seam. It's a matter of preference but I'm partial to handlinked toe seam. It takes a lot longer to make and thus this plays a factor as to why the price of socks ( tailored union starting at $18) will be higher among other factors.

Their casual sock works really with just about any casual shoe you can think of. I was curious about their Dress socks. I chose the Fendu in it's two toned Light Cream and Orange combination.  Also thin in its construction but not too thin. The only thing I noticed was a slight mark from one of the dyes of me wearing them in my Acemarks brown captoe dress shoes Nothing too severe but it may have been not the right shoe pairing. However,  the fit is appropriate for a dress shoe.

This brand does an impressive job with making the basics not feel so "basic" I definitely want to explore their Tailored series which is like their featured artists collection. The colors have a nice pop. Some of the motif designs are a bit subtle. Check out the Bloc in dark brown! It's my favorite because it has cotton specks or sprinkles of multi colors embedded in the cotton. 

This is a new brand perfect for the socklover who wants fun colorful basics and yet isnt opposed to having some flair. Keep in mind, they run a limited quantity of selections. I'm curious to see how this brand emerges. Especially with their "Tailored" artist  series. Oh and any sock brand that makes it's own pins gets BONUS POINTS! SOCK PINS ARE FUN!