Here is the thing: I’ve been on a couple of job interviews lately. I think they have gone well so far. They say no news is good news right? The one thing every manager has told me that they liked my socks! ( Perhaps that means I stand out for the right reasons ? )

This inspired me to share what I think men don’t think about when they are “dressing for the job they want. “ Socks of course! Nobody talks about what socks to wear to an interview that but I think its pretty simple.

You want to stand out for the right reasons. Don’t choose socks that are too dull or too flashy. Otherwise, you might be percieved that you're trying too hard or not trying enough.

I have 3 basics you should keep in your rotation: DOTS, STRIPES, AND GEOMETRIC PRINTS. Yes I’m skipping a solid color sock this time. We all sorta insticntively know that you can wear that but this situation calls for a little more flair.

Those 3 patterns are sockgame staples. The foundations ofthe tried and true classic styles. The key is picking them with the right amount of pop. If you are feeling fancy, there is a 4th option of an exotic print.

Be careful!! Don’t make it complicated. You are trying to get the job but not cause a distraction for your fashion faux paux. Trust me, managers pay attention so why not show them your personality in your sockgame.

First impressions are everything! Check out my Youtube video for my job interview sock suggestions too!

Suit: Perry Ellis , Socks: Ace and Everett

Suit: Perry Ellis , Socks: Ace and Everett

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