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Socks ARE NECESSARY! You have to start with the basics. If you’re like me, most guys start off wearing muted socks. Devoid of any color! They just serve a purpose.

I think that’s why Necessary Anywhere offers to revamp the basics. Based in New York, this sock brand offers a collection of quality cotton socks made from China. When I first tried them on, I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to put the sock on. Why does that matter? Well, there are some socks that are so stiff when you open them that its like trying to put on tight jeans. That is’t what I want !

In contrast, wearing the NA ( necessary anywhere) socks has a “Lived In” feel. It feels like the fabric inside the sock were already stretched out and feels homemade. These socks are made from a machine knit that contributes to that nostalgic feeling.

NA socks offer a range of muted colors and combinations with Navy, Grey, White, Black, Off White, and Hunter Green to name a few. The designs are minimalist in nature. Instead of dots, you see solid color blocks, a bold vertical side stripe on the calf, and often sectional box patterns. All the designs have a couple of variations to choose from

Sock TIps: I recommend this to the guy who doesn’t want bright and dandy colors. There are subtle but some have complex band designs when you look more closely at the sock. This brand has been featured in GQ magazine and Mr. Porter. This is the first sock brand I agree that deserves attention from those publications. Try styling them with your sneakers/casual for a casual look.

I think this is perfect for men who want high quality who is on the go. I would not suggest them for formal wear and keep in mind that foot odor and wetness doesn’t appear until the end of the day. I would be curious to see how the Athletic socks perform.

Price range: $12-15, not including shipping, $30 for special releases

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Socks are necessary EVERYDAY

Socks are necessary EVERYDAY