The Life of Egyptian Cotton Socks

We hear from time to time about the luxuriousness of Egyptian Cotton socks but why is it so popular?  Have you ever slept in a bed that has Egyptian cotton sheets? They feel like you're sleeping on air itself with its silky smooth feel.  It's a very similar effect when wearing them on your feet. It's almost like you feel nothing! That's the sign of high quality and it also why Egyptian cotton socks are viewed more as a dress sock rather than a casual sock in its use.  They retain color for an extended period of time and are super easy to slip on. However, there are some things us sock lovers need to be careful about that will prolong the lifespan of this sock.

Egyptian cotton is refined and yet delicate.  I view them more as a special occasion sock that I won't wear too often. Why? Although they tend to be viewed more as a dress sock category they can be worn casually.  You don't want to wear them frequently because they tend to be thin in construction and can pick up perspiration and dirt very quickly if you wear them too often. Yes, they are priced at the higher end ( $15 and up) which is all the more reason why you want these socks to last as much as possible.

Consider my collaboration design with MANRAGS! MANRAGS uses Egyptian cotton socks which are styled formerly and casually.  This is somewhat a general rule but make sure to wash them inside out, cold wash, and dry low intensity! You want to prevent the fabric from shedding (pilling) without using a fabric softener! Overall, treat Egyptian cotton like its your last pair and they will serve you over a year!