Classical Human Universal Peace= CHUP SOCKS

Classical Humans Universal Peace = CHUPS

This is a philosophy adopted by this brand since August 2009.  This is one of my favorite socks from Japan and they serve as a great entry point to the complex construction the Japanese craftsmanship is known and respected for in the sock industry.  CHUPS is a design label founded by its parent company "Glyn Clyde." Mitsuru Hashimoto has been the long standing CEO since 1992 and Yuka Takamura is the chief designer when she joined the CHUPS brand back in 2009.  The CHUP sock company is based in a district called Horifune in Tokyo Japan. Glyn Clyde has produced other sock labels but most sock aficionados know their Glyn Clyde Chup Socks mainstream label.

What is so special about them?  This brand is known for using sock framing machines that can only make 20 to 25 pairs of socks a day.  Artisans guide various yarns by hand to weave super complex tribal patterns inspired by world cultures.  Dralon cotton is a signature blend they use that is a combination of acrylic and cotton. Its special for maintaining softness in the sock as opposed to other cotton blends that rely on using a high percentage of organic cotton at the cost of losing details more quickly after several uses.

CHUPS are synonymous to exclusivity.  They're typically priced at $35 not including you will be spending about $20 in shipping by FEDEX.  However, its possible to find a pair or two at American retailer JCREW. JCREW partnered with CHUPS back in August 2013 and they will carry a small batch seasonally.  However once a style is sold out they are gone forever. Not even Amazon or Ebay can save you.

The alternative is to search for boutique shops online that carry a few other designs or ultimately the website itself.  These socks are a worthy investment. Buy 2 pairs alone will last you for a few years and still look brand new. So many bloggers tend to wear their Fall/Winter collections in boots.  Nothing wrong with that, but I would like to recommend styling them in a low cut sneaker. It is possible to wear them in a dress shoe like a double monk. Those designs deserve attention that I feel sometimes gets ignored in a boot.

The only challenge I find is that these socks can be tough to break in at first but wear them a couple of times and I promise you wont be sorry.  Best way to take care of them is ultimately hand wash in clothing detergent. At the least, set your washing machine to a gentle wash Definitely hang dry them to prevent shrinking.

Sizes for women range 4 to 10. Men sizes range from 5 to 13.  I wear a size 12 and there is room for size 13 to enjoy these socks.

Honestly, these socks represent everything I love about quality craftsmanship: Durability, Aesthetic, and Artistry.  

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