The T about STANCE, part I

If you follow the Stance sock brands, they are one of the leading sock brands in the US and have been for quite sometime. Renown for infusing athletic tech in their socks across collections, they actually identify themselves as more of Sports brand. Curating various cotton blends like Supima and Japanese yarns, they've mastered tapping into pop culture and counter culture of the current trends in Sports, Arts, and Music. With their latest launch of FEEL 360 Technology, Stance Underwear, and Intimates now we are introduced to their Stance T shirts.

I was surprised at first but it makes sense when I consider how much this brand really excels at tapping into the strength of street wear reaching an all time high in the fashion industry. They're t shirts are divided into categories: Primer, Long Sleeved, Unisex, and Loopwheel. You have solid colors, a twist on horizontal stripes and graphic designs that play with negative spacing. The color hues have potential to inspire either monochromatic or stylish clash with their existing line of socks. Experimentation is key.

What about the price and value? Its a premium price that isn't for the casual buyer but for the die hard loyalists who don’t buy cheap socks. Or cheap anything ! Most of their tees use Peruvian cotton. Its a cleaner fabric that's harvested by hand. The color lasts longer and is more durable than standard cotton. Peruvian cotton also doesn't pill. That's what your buying and its cheaper than the highly sought after SUPREME t shirts that are tripled in price. I bought some pairs on sale and tested out the primer T shirt. I had a full day wearing it and this involved my car engine overheating. I had to push my car working up a sweat. Surprisingly, the shirt held up pretty well and I didn't feel as gross compared to wearing a stuffy cheap t shirt.

If you're curious, I recommend the Primer T as a start. Treat it like an investment ( base price: low $30's). This is my first impression and will follow up in this new series released by Stance.

Stance Primer T.jpg