Ayame Socks

My fascination of Japanese socks continues with Ayame Socks ! Founded in 2007 by Aya Agaoka, her designs for both men and women represent some of I what feel is one of the most complex and crazy designs on the market.  I’ve always wanted to own a pair and I finally bought a pair of the Trump Card design n beige to see and “feel” these socks from myself. Needless to say, I was amazed by how much they feel and look.

Aya’s designs uses a signature 2 knit process which gives texture and depth weaving multi layered patterns.  You can see and feel that with the touch of your feelings that you're kinda getting 2 socks in one. How so? Notice the horizontal and vertical patterns that often found near the heel and toe.  That’s a ribbed knit technique using 2 different yarns that made more visible when you stretch the sock once you wear it.

These socks use a wool, cotton, and nylon blend they don’t look cheap.  Generally a one size fits most ranging from Men’s size 6-11 ( I’m a size 12 and the fit was fine)  The socks sit at ankle crew length and are extremely thin. They feel like a fancy dress sock that has excellent breathability on my feet.  They’re super delicate and intricate. A true sock aficionado’s collectors item. I recommend wearing them with designer sneakers like Nike’s, Vans, New Balances. I love wearing them with my Karlsson sneakers. They’re thin enough to wear with a dress shoe but I do prefer more of a mid calf length when it comes dress socks.  They’re going to cost about $30 from the native website or you can check them out at menswear retailer site End Clothing here.

Why $30? Each sock is handmade in a small facility in Nara, Japan.  Each Artisan has to guide these yarns into highly complex patterns that machines can’t outright do independently.  Ayame socks are extremely complex only uses the best fabrics and dyes to achieve and maintain a superb level of craftsmanship.  Only a small batch is made and some designs are not repeated. You’re owning and wearing a piece of art that will last you for a few years! I can’t wait to get another pair.

Handle with care: Machine Cold Wash, but preferable hand wash

Dry:  Hang Dry highly recommended

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