ALMI vs NIKE vs ADIDAS vs....

You just got off work and you have 20 to 30 minute drive to the gym. From office to the gym isn't a lot of time. You brought your gym clothes and forgot your gym socks. Are you going to work your dress socks? YES.

Sock brand ALMI ( a little more invincible) Apparel wants you to go from job to gym wearing only one pair of socks. Makes sense but how does it compare to other sports socks on the market? First let's define what generally defines a sport sock. Terry cushioning. What's that? It is a knitting technique where a desired area of the sock is looped a second time to provide extra cushioning. Any activity like basketball, tennis, and anything else that evolves moving back forth would require a sock to handle intense movement. In an office setting that could have a similar application. Depending on your job you're moving back and forth. ALMI socks works for men and women who want extra cushioning. It works in a professional office setting as a dress sock. For me, the biggest reason is the hand linked toe. It's thin enough to fit appropriately in a dress sock. So ALMI coins the hybrid term that its a "Pro-Formance Sock."

This is a kickstarter brand in it's infancy but I do have some thoughts. I like the sheen of the sock evoking a black dress sock but hopefully there will be other color options too that work in an job setting. The moisture wicking worked for me since I tend to sweat quickly. I had my friend my Kevin tried out the socks at his more labor oriented job and later at the gym. He sweats more than me but he said the socks were comfortable on the job but he did notice they get a bit more moist during his workout.

The verdict: Its too early for me to say. The selling point is that compared to NIke, Under Armour, Stance, Unsimply Stitched and Adidas those brands have a separate sock brands with exclusive performance options. ALMI might be the hybrid sock that marries the two worlds together. I'm curious to see how this brand develops in the fashion world.