The Lexington Hotel

If you ever walked along the scenic Riverwalk in downtown Jacksonville, then you might remember the Annabelle Lee boat being docked close to the Chart House Restaurant. Beyond the restaurant, there was a hotel that would be in close walking distance. However, nobody would go back there. It was sketchy and full of creepy people. Some even suggested that area was haunted. All I knew was that there was zero reason to go beyond that way at night.

Fast forward and a 35$ million dollar renovation later, we now have a beautiful upgrade to the Lexington Hotel. The outside walls are colored in white and sharp blue. There is beefed up security and improved parking reserved for events , guests, and hotel guests. Granted , I never stepped foot inside when the hotel was in its dark days but when you step into the lobby I was impressed.

The lobby is grand and open with high ceilings that has lots of windows to pour in natural light. The nautical color schemes of blues and whites continues in the central seating with wood tables. You immediate see the bar and lounge area to your left that evokes a captain’s chambers with lots of wood furnishings. Your immediate right is the check in area tucked away waiting for mostly guests who arrived for business trips here in Jacksonville. Across the hall, are the exposed elevators saturated in sharp blues while the walls have a soft cream color. My favorite element is that there are 2 pianos waiting to be played in the lobby!

I was greeted by Kerry, the hospitality manager, who gave me a brief tour of whats new. I got to see the junior suite that has a kitchenette, dining room and den, 1 master bedroom , and balcony. There’s enough room for arguably 8 people to comfortably stay. The layout reminded of some of the grander rooms you see at a Disney Resort. Not bad Jax!

Kerry also showed me the new Rooftop Area ! It’s spectacular views of the St. Johns River and Downtown area makes for a great venue for renting out for parties. The inner courtyard pools also got a fresh look with more patio seating , decorative palm trees that adds a posh vibe. I didn’t get to see the conference room this time but I know its been a popular choice to host community events.

I hope to cover more of this new and improved hotel right here in my hometown. A lot of work was put in to it to create a much more elegant experience. It’s inviting not pretentious. I would compare it as a hybrid casual yet sophisticated experience. It makes me proud and confident to say if you visit Jax, then stay at The Lexington Hotel for your 1st impressions.

Lexington Lobby
Lexington Rooftop
Lexington Pools
Lexington Check In Desk
Lexington Junior Suite
Lexington Bar
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