Tabio 5 Toe Socks, Sponsored Write Up

I confess:  I’ve never really gave toe socks a fair chance.  Part of that has been because of how I’ve seen some people wear those socks: with flip flops, the ultimate sock sin.  Toe Socks and Flip Flops don’t work !

However, I’m open to a change of heart.  Tabio Socks asked me to try out their line of 5 Toe Socks.  Once again, Tabio found a way to blend the zany with a functional and intelligent approach  that has helped me look at this style differently.

Anatomically speaking, there are benefits to walking barefoot.  Look at the natural spacing of your foot. When you walk barefoot the natural spacing of your foot helps circulate proper blood flow and  lessen nerve damage. This is the foot’s normal state. However, when the toes of your foot are bounded together this is called a “comprised” state.  Over time, if your feet aren’t given a rest in whatever sock you wear you eventually lesson the blood flow and the nerve sensation that your feet needs over time.

In today’s fast paced world, we can’t go barefoot all the time.  That’s why I’m rethinking the purpose of toe socks. Tabio socks has a line of toe socks that addresses the needs of proper foot care.  When I put on these socks, I definitely get a “bare foot” feel when I wore them all day at my job. They were pretty absorbent without the damp feeling.  The anti odor properties also proved true.

I thought about how to stylistically wear them. I tried another pair, ankle crew length, with shorts and sneakers.  Same “free” feeling. No slipping either. With the heat starting to heat up, most people are not as inclined to wear high ankle socks.  I think people here in the US should consider giving toe socks a chance. They work perfectly for no show sock season with low cut sneakers.

For my people out there who don’t wear socks.  If you like the barefoot feeling but hate the odor, then these socks help prevent that, help regulate blood flow, and prevent blisters.  These socks are also fun to walk around the house or if you like hanging out on your front porch. I’m definitely going to give my feet some rest and start working toe socks in my rotation. Give these socks a chance for the summer

Tabio 5 Toe Socks on the Porch
Front Porch with Tabio Socks and Karlsson Sneakers