My Lifestyle On A Budget

Hi Everyone! I feel bad not checking in as regularly but I have some good reasons why. Honestly, the challenges of balancing adulting ( i.e. job hunting, trying to pay bills, cutting back on spending, saving gas, reevaluating friendships while making new friends etc) have taken over.

Thats not to say there hasn’t been any new developments. I have developed a new sock design for local.brewery Aardwolf Brewery. They’re known for making experimental beers among the 13 plus craft brewery scene. Expect the release coming sometime in August.

I have been striving to work with brands that honestly reflect the budget of what I can afford to wear , reflect my personal style, or already have in my closet. I realize not everybody loves socks the way that I do but I am that “sock guy” that would wear an office look with taco socks! I’m now refining how I reflect that in my menswear content. As always, the Art of The Sockgame is still in play.

One other thing, I’ve been revamping my lifestyle content. I have started hosting cocktail classes as a special guest that serve as a way to support local business, do some networking, and more connection with my local followers here in Jacksonville, Florida. I have sold out 2 events so far and I will share those previous experiences on my website to provide more information about my experiences as a bachelor. I want to give more insight about my hometown thats having a cultural renaissance.

One more thing ( I promise ) I have decided to start a Youtube channel. Its a test to see how well I can share quick tips about the menswear brands I’ve talked about so far with an indepth review. So there has been a lot happening but I’m excited about this quasi reboot/ remix of sharing the things I love.

Thank you all for being so supportive!

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