Strings Sports Brewery: Best New Sports Bar

Spoiler alert: I LOVE THIS BREWERY! Jacksonville has a lot of sports bars. The kind of places where you know either the sports bar and grill is bad for 2 reasons: passable food but decent beer or terrible water tasting beer and the World’s Best Chicken wings you suspect weren’t cooked enough. There’s hardly a balance. You go mainly to meet with friends for trivia night and cheer on the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Enter Strings: Located in the Springfield Historic District on Main Street in Jacksonville. Strings provides a family friendly environment of classic good beer, really good food, and entertainment that’s done in an upscale way. The Adeeb Brothers ( Colby and Trevor ) have provided a brewery that feels like you’re in a grown up Sandlot movie with a Inner Gym/ Baseball Team aesthetics.

The building maintains the historical and architectural integrity of Henrietta Dozier’s design ( Jax's 1st female architect ). The complex is very spacious but its broken into 2 sections: The Kitchen and Tap Room. The Tap Room has a play on the Home and Away team concept. The Home team has 6 craft beers crafted by Strings and 6 Guest taps ( Away Team ). The 6 beers cover the varieties of Wheat, IPA’s, a Red Ale, and newly added Blonde Ale. I like the Double IPA “6•4•3” beer. Their all easy drinking with present citrus notes. Their selection is a nice way to introduce a newcomer into trying out craft not crap beers. They truly shine when you pair them with the kicked up soul food esque sports bar food.

In the Kitchen, supllied by a chef from Moxie and other skilled cooks, Strings has elevated Sports Bar & Grilled Food. There’s an expansive range of small plates ,sides, and entrees that uses local Florida farm and purveyors. On my 1st visit, I tried the Chicken wings with the Alabama white sauce. Tasty and Meaty. By my 4th visit I have had the Poutine ( you can share it if you want) and one of the Best Burgers I’ve had in town. Any of those beers will make you forget your Corona and tripled fried greasy wings. They also offer House Specials and vegan/vegetarian options.

Strings provides some fun indoor and outdoor games. The coolest part is the indoor Basketball hoops and scoreboard, followed by a safe area to play darts. There is a unique covered patio to play Jengs and Connect Four. What I appreciate is that everything is elevatedand still inviting. You see a very diverse group of locals of all ethnic backgrounds. The staff is very friendly and proud to work there. The bathrooms are mega clean and there is a ton of space that I can imagine will be epic for parties and screaming our hearts out rooting for our Jacksonville Jaguars. Grab your friends, drink some really good beer, and hangout. Sports. Family. FUN

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