Best Odor Eating Socks So Far…I tested out a new sock brand that claimed to have odor eating material to fight sweaty feat. Six Sox is a new brand based in Canada that uses Silver Metal within the fibers to fight odor eating bacteria. I was skeptical because other brands claim a similar selling point. However, I was curious to put this to the test.

This review is actually half of what Im considering a 2 part analysis. Six Sox sent me 2 pairs: a mid calf and a no show sock. This brand positions itself as a hybrid sock where you can wear them casually or work out i them. I decided to wear them 5 days straight without washing the socks, but I’m washing my feet before wearing them.

I documented Day 1 through Day 5 on my Instagram stories noticing how these socks performed. I would workout in them for 20 min cardio sessions and wear them running errands. To my surprise, no detectable odor. You get some dampness after a full day of use but the next day I smell no odor. SHOCKING! Maybe a hint of something on Day 2 but its almost as if the sock fights the odor thru the week.

As I write this on Day 5 I spent most of my time on the road, having a business lunch, and driving back through rush hour traffic in 90,000 degree weather. The sock does go thru pilling by Day 4 but you don’t necessarily see a rapid fade in design. I didn’t notice or feel a sweat build up over the past 5 days not washing the sock on purpose. I wanted to get an opinion of a bodybuilder who uses these socks more intensely as a brand ambassador but he declined to answer. I will get the perspective of someone who works out far more intensely.

So as of now, these socks for me if your constantly on the go and maybe have some time to get quick workout sessions. These socks work for me. I still want to test them out an all out intense workout session. For now, these odor eating socks are a surprise hit for me.

Socks : Six Socks

Shoes: Ace Marks Shoes / Penny Loafer Greg

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