Men's Essentials for Fall by Tabio Socks ( Sponsored Write Up)

Do you have a dedicated sock drawer for casual, formal, and sporty quality socks? If not , it's not surprising. Socks tend to be greatly ignored by many people. We stuff them in drawers whenever there is room.  However, let’s change that and build a sock collection that fits your needs! Your foot care and sock collection should have both style and practicality.

Have you ever considered that your feet discomfort could lead from your socks and not your leather shoes?  I have 2 sock suggestions from Tabio that could give you more comfort for your constantly changing lifestyle: Knee High and Power Fit Crew Socks

Let’s start with  knee-high socks from Tabio! They are made using the plating knitting technique. The knitting machines to combine three layers of polyurethane, nylon, and cotton and create the socks triple structure top optimize comfort, stretch, and durability. The final fabric is ensuring socks that stay up your knee, it is elastic enough to fit snugly under the knee of an adult. For toe comfort, there is a seamless linking.  I recommend knee high socks for the workplace that requires a business professional dress code or whenever you feel like wearing a suit.

There are 4 different colors, these socks are giving you the perfect formal look while keeping your feet comfortable in leather shoes. 

Now let's talk Cotton Crew Socks: they work for almost any activity . 

The Tabio Power-Fit series is known to be the favorite founder's socks. Created for tennis purpose; initially, they perfectly fit on your leg for maximum comfort all day long. I especially recommend this pair if you have big calves.

The Power-Fit series uses Tabio's original high-quality cotton thread, the cotton yarn u absorbent and strong enough to stay fit and straight by itself. The secret of success is a highly elastic thread that is not used in ordinary socks that makes the socks hard to slip even if you walk a lot, and you can spend a comfortable day. I immediately think of my friends in the food industry who stay on their feet all day. Sometimes all night.  Invest in higher quality and feel the difference yourself


Sock Technician, Photo Courtesy by  Tabio

Sock Technician, Photo Courtesy by Tabio

Tabio Fall Collection Crew Socks

Tabio Fall Collection Crew Socks