Aardwolf Brewery Socks: My Latest Design

The Craft Brewery scene in Jacksonville has steadily become a craft beer destination with the 13 plus breweries that my hometown has. There is non shortage of different styles of IPA , Stouts, Sours and everything in between. However, some would argue that Aardwolf Brewery is one of the best in the city. I personally agree.

Aardwolf is one of the OG’s and is fearless in tapping very experimental pilot batches of sours and IPA’s. They embrace getting weird but making something delicious. For example, I had this Manhattan barley wine that tastes like a Manhattan cocktail from their Space Prom Party.

Outstanding! So it was an honor to have the opportunity to make beer socks for them embracing their quirky but fun approach to craft beer. Meet : The “Aardgyle Sock”. This is a sock made of 80% combed cotton with sharp attention to vibrant color and clear branding of the logo. It can be worn casually or formally due to the twist of the classic Argyle design. Its a clash of the logo and this formal print celebrating the unusual but interesting personality of the beertenders and brew masters.

We celebrated a “Clash of the Patterns” party with a custom beer. The Orange Dream Sickle IPA ( pictured below) is a twist on their crowd favorite Southbank IPA with 7% ABV. It tasted like the end of summer. I’m thankful my 3rd sockbaby is out and forever thankful to Aardwolf for working with local artists offering something different. These socks are exclusive to the taproom. However, if you ask nicely 😎, maybe you might be able to order them. I can't wait to design another sock. I try my best to put my heart into it

processed_2019-08-13 02.33.08 3.jpg